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The King's Brothers


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Greetings from Pastor Mathew Littlejohn

We are a congregation of blessed people who are excited about what God is doing in Kingston Illinois. Truly Jesus Dwells Here!  We can honestly say that we enjoy gathering together to learn, worship, fellowship and help one another live Spirit-led lives.
We strive to be the Church described in the book of The Acts of the Apostles. We believe that God still wants to demonstrate his power, forgive sins, and give His Spirit to those who will commit their lives to Him. Our prayer is that the information and inspiration you find on this site will help you in your search for a deeper relationship with Jesus Christ.
The best is yet to come!
Pastor Mats testimony
I want to let all who read this to know that I am far from perfect but with Gods help I will continue to do His work
I started drinking when I was 12 years old and by the time I was 15 I was an alcoholic. At age 17 I started smoking cigarettes and I started smoking marijuana. I joined the army at age 18 and was there for almost 3 years. I met my wife in 1983. We got engaged a  couple of months later. After 1 1/2 years my drinking and smoking got the best of me and my fiance (who is now my Gorgeous Wife) threw me out. About 1 month later I got drunk and high for 3 days because I got angry at her, however that was a good thing. Why you might ask. The reason was because after 3 days I woke up telling my friends I needed a preacher. They thought that I had lost my mind, but I searched for a preacher anyway. When I found one he refered to an older preacher who had been through simalar situations. I gave my life to Jesus Christ in his living room. I started going to Calvary assmbley which is now The Kings Mansion in 1985. Shortly after I gave my life to Jesus my fiance and I got back together and we were married and she has been my 1 and only for over 30 years now. Since that time I have taught the little children, the middle school children  and then the teenager class. I went back to the little children for a short time. I later recieved a local licence to preach and teach. 1 year later I recieved my general licence to do weddings and funerals as well. 1 year later I was fully ordained as as minister of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Soon after that the assistant pastor became ill and was no longer able to be assistant so I took over as assistant pastor. Within a year the Pastor was moving to Arkansas and I was voted in as Pastor of The Kings Mansion Church on October 4th 2009. I have been Pastor ever since. I have been devoted to this little church for over 30 years now and have no intentions of changing those devotions. I will be here untill God tells me to move on and I don't see that happening any time soon. I am soon to be 55 years old in April.  So while I am not perfect I am willing to help in any situation. My cell is usually on and my Home doors are always open. If I can Help In anyway I will. If I can't help I will do my best to steer you in the right direction. May God richley Bless you in all that do
Pastor Mathew W Littlejohn
Pastor Mathew Littlejohn

The King's Mansion is a place of hope and healing, a connection to a family, as well as a place to find purpose in life. Within the pages of this website, you will begin to understand the heartbeat of our ministry, learn what we believe, and catch the vision for our future.

Friends, this is a day to join together in vision and in strength. When we do, we will see tremendous victory and inheritance as a church and as individuals. Whether you are new to our ministry or are a familiar face, we welcome you. Our goal at The King's Mansion is to help you and your family experience the very best of life.

God bless you, and know that the best is yet to come!

Note from the Pastor:

Well how is your bible reading coming? Are you on track to read your bible through from Genesis to Revelation? Well don't panic if you're not. You can start right where you are. That will certainly help you to get in the habit of getting into Gods Holy Word daily, it will increase your wisdom and your knowledge, and it will draw you closer to your Heavenly Father. The next plan we can make is to fast more this year. As we fast, it will allow the Holy Spirit to grow from within and it may have a great side effect, and that is to lose a little unneccesary weight and that will in turn help you to be a little healthier. What a great plan, grow closer to God, get to know Him better, allow the Spirit to grow in us and get healthy all from two small changes for this coming year                             God Bless You

Pastor Mathew W. Littlejohn

We have a new phone number at The Kings Mansion.

Our new Number is 815-209-0760

C'mon give it a try Give us a call For Prayer, or Questions.

 We are here for you

See you at the CH--CH. oops!  What's Missing U R of coarse

We would enjoy your company please come visit us


                            "Note of The Week"

 Good news, we are now on and you can listen to us live either on or you can download the spreaker app on your smartphone. If you miss the live airing starting at approximately 10:30 am, give or take a minute or two, you can always listen to our archived messages, or you may go to the pastor's facebook and listen to the message there. If you listen on my facebook page feel free to leave a comment. If you have any questions you may call the Pastor's cell or leave the question on the facebook page and I will do my best to respond to you.

God Bless you and Happy Listening

If you have any pictures from 2016 that you would like to see posted on this site please e-mail them to and I will be happy to post them 

Pastor Mathew W. Littlejohn

                           "Quote of The Week"

  To Be Almost Saved Is To Be ToTally Lost!

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